Mask of Creation Game for Desktop



We did it for Glatorian Arena Game before, and we’ve done it again! Today we present to you, the Mask of Creation online game, ported to desktop systems. This is the exact same game hosted online on the BIONICLE website, repackaged for desktop. We were able to port it to Windows, Mac, and Linux, in addition to the browser plugin version.

Download the correct version for your platform.

You can also download the version you can play in your browser.

We also have the browser version available for streaming online.


13 thoughts on “Mask of Creation Game for Desktop

  1. bob says:


  2. Tazakk says:

    Excellent work as always, guys.

  3. larryboy1 says:

    Good Job. I love the game but its a bit too easy.

    • larryboy1 says:

      Take that back,it doesn’t work.Any advice?The main screen comes up but when I click the check mark nothing happens!:(

      • Strange, I tested it to be working on Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu. What OS are you having the issue with, and what are the specs on the machine?

  4. larryboy1 says:

    It launches fine and the main menu comes up, but none of the buttons like the play button,options menu,or extras do anything. I downloaded it for windows 8. Its a fairly new computer and all the other games I downloaded(Ex.:Glatorian Arena) work fine.

  5. me-gustav says:

    Awesome quality, super HD and even super smooth framerate 60 fps??
    Will you update the game, new levels and bosses have been added on the mobile versions!!! :D

  6. Toa Pyroccido says:

    It’s not working on my Linux computer…
    Is it only for mobile devices?

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