Credit is given here to two types of individuals:

  • Finders: These individuals have found a certain piece of media that was either hard to find or we simply didn’t have.
  • Custom content creators: These individuals have created a brand new item or enhanced an item with help files, bugfixes, or have improved an item beyond its original function to do more than the original.

BioMedia Project

  • Kickflip645 for reminding us where to place the LDD1.3 brick palettes for LDD1.6.
  • Lunekk for the BMP4.0 Banner
  • Bulik for Lego Digital Designer 1.3
  • TOA PIRAKA HAKANN for countless LDD versions
  • Virux for the BMP4.5 Banner and Support Banner
  • Chirox_Krika for the BMP4.5 Support Banner
  • Toa_Lehvak for the BMP4.5 Support Banner
  • GoldenTahu for the BMP4.5 Support Banner
  • TheBioniclePL for a Toa Mahri “Crashed” video and reminding us of the toyspins in the Rahkshi CDs.
  • Davemon1 for pointing out missing MNOLG Manas episodes
  • Slyninja4444 for:
    1. Glatorian Arena Symbols
    2. BH Tracks
    3. Intro for the Toa Videos SFX
    4. Bye Bye Babylon Instrumental
    5. Extended Ga-Koro Underwater Theme Flute
    6. Lhikan’s Death track
    7. Vakama vs. Makuta track
    8. Glatorian+Agori Tracks
    9. Alternate Piraka Font


  • Crystal Matrix for so many things, mainly some older archive content.  We wouldn’t be doing this without his inspiration – this was his idea.
  • Tronec for providing us with his very generous donation of a domain and server, without which we wouldn’t be where we are now, literally and figuratively.
  • Mints97 for various games, FreeTheBand, and Cryoshell websites
  • JMMB for a lot of things, notably the BMP4.0 Favicon
  • Biomaniac for the MNOLGII which JMMB edited
  • Takua Me for his MNOLGII which we rehosted
  • Toa of the Blazing Inferno for the Tahnok-Kal disc
  • Johnny Hobbs for the complete Powerpack CD
  • Toatapio Nuva for the Mask of Light CD and a Vahki commercial
  • Takua Me for his MNOLG II
  • TheSkeletonMan939 for The Legend Reborn trailers, TLR Music, and a few misc tracks
  • Ignika Warrior for the Robot Showdown wallpapers
  • ~~Natalie Breez~~ for a few Serials and the Nestle Promo CD
  • jamesster for the 2001 Lego Software Demo CD, Brickmaster CD, and Legend of Mata Nui Trailer!
  • rwliddl for the Nestle Promo CD patch file
  • dann494 for the Mata-Nui Mini-Disc Mask/Can codes
  • Shockblast for the forum banner
  • Toa Nick for a huge number of serials we were missing, included in v1.4
  • Ghosthands for Bionicle Movie soundtracks
  • -Tahu Nuva- for the BIONICLE: The Game soundtrack
  • Nuparu77 for his streaming/download MNOLG1.5 project
  • CrunchbiteNuva for some new concept art and the 2006 BIONICLE Style Guide
  • Screenguy for the Quest for the Masks Card scans
  • Torsti for the 2001-2003 BIONICLE Style Guide
  • Illuminatus for disk images of every known promo CD:
    • 2001:
      • Power Pack CD
      • Nestlé Cereal CD (Barcodemegamix01) (White)
      • Nestlé Cereal CD (Barcodemegamix02) (Black)
      • Interactive Demo CD
      • Toa Mata Mini CD (European) (Gold/Tan) – Content Type 1
      • Toa Mata Mini CD (European) (Black & White) – Content Type 1
      • Toa Mata Mini CD (European) (Color) – Content Type 2
      • Toa Mata CD (German) (Color) – Content Type 2
      • Toa Mata Mini CD (American) (Black & White) – Content Type 3
      • Toa Mata Mini CD (American) (Color) – Content Type 4
    • 2002:
      • Bohrok Swarm CD
      • Toa Nuva CD (originally provided to Illuminatus by Mark of MoD / RedQuark)
    • 2003:
      • Bohrok-Kal:
        • Tahnok-Kal Mini CD
        • Nuhvok-Kal Mini CD
        • Pahrak-Kal Mini CD
        • Gahlok-Kal Mini CD
        • Lehvak-Kal Mini CD
        • Kohrak-Kal Mini CD
      • Rahkshi:
        • Turahk Mini CD – Panrahk Staff on CD Print
        • Vorahk Mini CD – Vorahk Staff on CD Print
        • Panrahk Mini CD – Guurahk Staff on CD Print
        • Guurahk Mini CD – Turahk Staff on CD Print
        • Lerahk Mini CD – Kurahk Staff on CD Print
        • Kurahk Mini CD – Lerahk Staff on CD Print
      • Mask of Light Promo CD
    • 2004:
      • Toa Metru:
        • Toa Vakama Mini CD
        • Toa Whenua Mini CD
        • Toa Onewa Mini CD
        • Toa Nokama Mini CD
        • Toa Matau Mini CD
        • Toa Nuju Mini CD
    • 2006:
      • Toa Inika CD
      • BIONICLE Heroes Demo CD
      • BIONICLE Heroes New Demo CD
    • 2007:
      • Barraki CD


  • LegomationStudio for letting us rehost their BIONICLE The Original Saga THE MOVIE compilation.
  • Niall.C.Fray for the Destiny War Podcast Chapters 5-9, Riddle of the Great Beings, and Sahmad’s Tale!
  • Tokopimv for the Toa Inika CD
  • BS01 and Triggy for countless images, serials, and serial images
  • Christian Faber of the Faber Files blog for images and videos
  • Templar for MNOLG concept art
  • Mumboking of the Rock Raiders United Forums for LEGO Adventures Issue 6.
  • Zendani of Reddit for the Fall 1994 issue of Brick Kicks and Aquazone issue of January-February 1995
  • Diebeq5b for the compilation of Vahki, Hordika, and Piraka all-in-one episodes
  • Dracus360 of YouTube for the Glatorian Arena 1 Theme
  • Bonecrusher6000 for the alternate BIONICLE The Game Action Theme
  • Patrick Hesser for BIONICLE: The Game tracks
  • jesseanderson29 of YouTube for the MNOLG and VNOLG playthroughs
  • Michael Cassidy for some misc images and music tracks
  • Patrick Boivin for the HD upload of his Bionicle Battle Videos
  • Advance’s YouTube for a prerelease version of the Barraki short movie, the Piraka product commercial, and the Glatorian commercials
  • Ghost for an HD prerelease version of the Mahri short movie
  • Khalil the Retro Guy for a Mask of Light TV ad
  • Kamil Drews for the Mask of Light Toonami promo
  • PooperScooper99 for the Mask of Light Toonami intro and a Legends of Metru Nui promo
  • Electric Turahk for the Antroz test animation
  • Toa nuriamer for The Legend Lives
  • BZPower and Mask of Destiny for their respective Bionicle Heroes Q&A videos
  • La Voix d’Ekimu for the PS2 opening and several trailers for Bionicle: The Game, a Quest for the Toa gameplay trailer, a 2002 ad for the Cartoon Network Bionicle sweepstakes, the Toa Metru commercials, a Vahki commercial, Toa Hordika and Visorak commercials, a Barraki commercial, the Mahri product commercial, the 2007 Warriors product commercial, Bionicle 2 and 3 trailers
  • Galphie for a Web of Shadows teaser
  • GaleKnight Entertainment for the 2001 launch commercial
  • BionicleVidArchive for the Rahi commercial
  • that90sguy for the Tohunga Happy Meal commercial
  • MIKER PHONE for the Tohunga Mighty Kids Meal commercial
  • for the Bohrok product commercial, the Takanuva & Makuta commercial, and a Toa Metru commercial
  • and for the Bohrok-Kal, Toonami sweepstakes, and Barraki (Mantax, Takadox, and Carapar) commercials, via Ashurathehedgehog196 and Jesse Cota The Monster Ape
  • MetruNuichannel for the Krekka commercial
  • Michael Cassidy for the 2005 titans commercial
  • Mr Edgy for the Barraki product commercial
  • bionicleinspanish for the 2007 Warriors commercial
  • tmnttbt for the Phantoka Product commercial
  • Dylan Gibson for the NickToons Mata Nui spot
  • lugia6 for the Mask of Light extended ending
  • RaidMaster Productions for the Mask of Light Trailer
  • Pedro Ruiz Reyes for The Legend Reborn matte paintings and concept art
  • Signerdragon123 for editing together footage of a Journey to One test animation
  • BricksOfSteel for numerous videos missing from the archive