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Joining the BMP Staff

The BioMedia Project Staff work on site content and help edit the site.  These individuals have greatly contributed to our goal of preventing BIONICLE media from being lost to time.

We expect BMP staff to:

  • Respond to emails at least once per week for the majority of the year,
  • Check the team Google Doc at least once per week for the majority of the year, and
  • Complete at least one to-do list task every six weeks for the majority of the year.

As you can see, these aren’t unrealistic expectations; we’re simply asking that you check the team Google Doc and respond to emails at least once per week, and work on a To-Do list item within a reasonable timeframe. However, we need to have these requirements in place because a project of this scope provides a great deal of work and without these requirements we would never get any work done.

We are looking for people who have experience with the following:

  • Media Creation, including Graphics/Audio/Video work
  • Flash/Shockwave
  • WordPress

Work is self-assigned and self-structured within 6 week intervals. We work on this stuff because we like it.

To apply, send an email with the title “[BMP] Staff Application” without quotes to


Joining the BMP Management Staff

For more information, please read our PDF here.


  • Time, lots of it. Most of the training is going to be done over email, so you have to be alright with frequent email conversations.  You’ll need 1-3 hours to spend on the BMP on most days of the week.  This is definitely NOT a position for people with busy schedules – this position is likely to take up as much time as a part time job – seriously.  If anyone you know would describe your schedule as even slightly busy, do not apply.
  • Good spelling, grammar, and writing skills. It is expected that leadership figures are able to express themselves clearly and at length.
  • The ability to think logically first, and emotionally second. We need someone knows which relationships matter and acts to preserve them.
  • Access to and experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat
  • Respond to emails at least three times per week for the majority of the year, preferably daily
  • Check the team Google Doc at least three times per week for the majority of the year, preferably daily
  • Complete at least one to-do list task every six weeks for the majority of the year.

If this sounds like something you’re capable of, please send an application to with a sample of your writing, and an explanation of why you think you’d be good candidate for this position.


Joining the BMP Forum Staff

Forum Administrators, Moderators, and RPG Leaders

The BMP Forum Staff help to maintain and moderate our forums.

Here’s what we’re looking for in Forum Staff:

1. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills include decent spelling and grammar, the ability to clearly communicate what you mean to say, and the ability to maintain a favorable public image.  It’s not a popularity contest, but the public’s perception of you and your typical behavior is often indicative of your social and communication skills.

2. The Application of our Forum Rules

We would like our moderators and administrators to apply the forum rules as they are written in order to provide a consistent user experience.  There will be times when you might choose to go against our rules, and we will of course allow you to make those decisions, but these instances should remain an exception rather than the norm.  Be able to justify your decisions.

3. The Use of Good Judgement

In all aspects of moderation, we would like moderators to use good judgement skills.  There will be times where you might need to make decisions that lie outside the defined rules.

4. Respect towards all users

Our wish is to maintain a friendly atmosphere in our forums, not one where the users are in constant fear of punishment.  Moderators should not act threatening, condescending, intimidating, or annoyed.  If moderation and dealing with new users is annoying to you, you shouldn’t be moderating.  You should come off as a friendly person.  We are looking for those with the ability to apply moderation while still being friendly.

Forum Administrator/Moderator/RPG Leader Requirements

  • All: Check the staff googledoc at least once per week.
  • Forum Administrators: Update, maintain, and troubleshoot the forum as necessary and inform of us any issues we need to know about.
  • RPG Leaders:

    • Visit the RPG at least every other day.
    • Have decent spelling and grammar and an above average vocabulary.
    • Experience leading an RPG is an asset, but is not required as long as you’re a talented writer.
  • Global Moderators: Moderate all forums in the absence of the Forum Moderator of their respective forum(Forum Moderator has not moderated their forum in 2 days).
  • Forum Moderators: Moderate your forum(s) on an almost daily basis.

To apply, send an email with the title “[BMP] Moderator Application” without quotes answering the following questions to

1. What position are you applying for?

  • Forum Administrator: Forum Administrators are tasked with the security and proper operation of our phpBB forum.  Forum Administrators should be familiar with phpBB’s inner workings and be able to help troubleshoot problems if the need arises.
  • Global Moderator: Global Moderators moderate all forums, in the absence(2 days) of the Forum Moderator(s) of that forum.
  • RPG Leader: 
    • Writing a compelling, exciting story for players to engage in.  A general story outline may be given to you.
    • Moderating RPG discussion
    • Assisting the staff in development of a text-based RPG
  • Forum Moderator: Forum Moderators moderate one or more forums of their choice on an almost daily basis.  They are knowledgeable in the subjects that their subforum(s) cover and thus take precedence over Global Moderators, in their own forum(s).
    • Available Forums:
      • BioMedia Project: Information, questions, and discussion on the BioMedia Project.
      • Suggestions and Missing Content: Post suggestions for the site or forums here, or if you have noticed we are missing certain content or you would like to provide us with content we are missing.
      • Games: Discussion of BIONICLE Games, both online and retail.
      • Videos: Discussion of BIONICLE Movies, Video Clips, and Animations.
      • Pictures: Discussion of BIONICLE Pictures, Screensavers, and Comics.
      • Music: Discussion of BIONICLE Music from Games, Movies, and Partnered Artists
      • Books and Serials: Discussion of BIONICLE Books, Serials, and Storyline.
      • LEGO: Discussion of LEGO Games, Media, and Software.
      • BIONICLE Websites and Community: Discussion of BIONICLE Fansites and the BIONICLE Fan Community.
      • Off-Topic: For discussion of Non-BIONICLE/LEGO Media related topics.

2.  Why do you wish to become a staff member of the BioMedia Project Forums?

3.  What previous moderation experience do you have?

4.  What level of experience do you have with phpBB Forums?

5.  In your own words, what is the mission statement of the BioMedia Project?

6. (RPG Leaders Only)Include a writing sample describing a location.  Use imagery; we want to feel like we’re there.

Good luck to all applicants.