BIONICLE Autopsy: The Makuta's Darkest Secret

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BIONICLE Autopsy: The Makuta's Darkest Secret

Postby Chairborne Tanker » Sun May 24, 2015 2:16 am
As much sense as his analysis of Bionicle: MoL makes, the entire story of Makuta trying to be a hero by keeping Mata Nui asleep and free from pain really conflicts with what came afterward, where from 2006-2008 we learned that Makuta was inspired to become a villain because the Barraki's example fed his curiosity, then drove Mata Nui to sleep so he could infiltrate the Mata Nui robot's brain and take control on reboot. TTV's excuse that it was lack of initial planning only goes so far, and doesn't explain how we can reconcile the two motivations of Makuta. Neither does it explain how Faber has shown that Bionicle's concept was to send in the Toa in pills to battle the virus infecting Mata Nui, rather than something like joining forces with Makuta to solve the problem after it was proven that Mata Nui would suffer if he were awake.
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