Bionicle story episodes 5 and 6 translation to english

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Bionicle story episodes 5 and 6 translation to english

Postby Kanto » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:50 pm

Hey there folks, since episodes 5 and 6 are out (but only in Czech) and I am from Slovakia, I have decided to translate them for you. Below are the links to the vids on youtube and their translations:

The power of the golden masks

Narrator: All six heroes have found their shrine. Pohatu, Kopaka, Lewa, Gali, Onua and Tahu. The protectors guided them wisely, but time was running out. The skull spiders launched an attack and the protectors would stand no chance against them.

Protector of Fire: Fulfill the prophecy! The time is at hand!

Narrator: Elemental power fully engulfed Tahu's body.

Protector of Fire: Run Tahu! It is too late for me!

Tahu: No! It is not too late, because I am the Master of Fire!

Narrator: For victory against the skull spiders, the masks gave them the power of elements. Incredible powers were unleashed.

Quest for the Maskmaker

Narrator: The heroes have proven themselves and were granted the powers of all elements. Ice, water, jungle, stone, earth and fire.

Tahu: I feel incredible power! I even hear voices from great distance.

Protector of Fire: Don't be a fool! That voice comes from your mask. It is the voice of Ekimu, the Maskmaker, he calls you to himself.

Tahu: Why? I thought this was the end of it.

Protector of Fire: So far you have made only the first step, the true quest is still ahead of you, and I can't guide you on it.

Tahu: Wait! It isn't just a voice! I can see something!

Protector of Fire: A beautiful city, however it lies in ruins. Something terrible has happened there! And something even worse is yet about to happen there!

Tahu: Am I to search for the Maskmaker alone?

Protector of Fire: Nobody could accomplish this task alone. There are six elements controlled by six heroes. Let the mask guide you. Quickly! The evil is growing stronger!
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Re: Bionicle story episodes 5 and 6 translation to english

Postby JrMasterModelBuilder » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:12 am

Hey, nice! Thanks for this!
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