Possible Bionicle Movie!

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Possible Bionicle Movie!

Postby bioniclemaster1 » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:44 pm

This title is probably a bit misleading so I will elaborate.
What I mean is that if Lego diced to make another Bionicle movie, which story arc would you like to see?
I personally would like to see the build up to the 2006 story arc starting off with the matoran hearing the Turaga talk to the toa about a Journey they have to take but, one they may not return from. It would then have the toa fight the Piraka and loose, spoiler alert. Blaa blaa blaa, then an after credit scene: It is dark, lightning thrashing throughout the skill, illuminating what looks like canisters easing their way onto the shore. Then just before the film ends, a hand punches through the canister. The film would be directly based off of the book "Island of Doom".
Share your thoughts! :ugeek:
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