We’re Opening Our Doors!

We are opening up our previously private Staff Googledoc to the public, allowing anyone to see, edit, and contribute to our work.

This is different from what we offered previously, which was simply allowing users a look at the To-Do and Voting pages – Now, we’re letting everyone see us as we work and chat about the site in real time, as well as the ability to join in and help us make the BMP better.  There are no requirements for viewing, and those who wish to contribute need only a valid email.

The BMP Staff will be using this gdoc the same way we did previously with our private staff gdoc, allowing users to see that we do hold frequent discussions and make some form of progress on the site on an almost daily basis.  You’ll be able to chat and collaborate with us like never before, with all of our most relevant site information all in one place.

Click to visit the BioMedia Project GoogleDoc!

Our goal with this is to lower the barrier of entry for contribution to the BMP, for those who wish to help us but don’t have the time to become a staff member.  If you wish to help us with tasks, you’ll be able to work on your own schedule, without anyone telling you what to do or when to do it.

We are also making use of revision history and moderation to prevent vandalism.  This is the BMP’s first foray into allowing users to edit our Staff GDoc; if this goes well, we will continue to use this open model for the forseeable future.

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