Videos 0.7.0 Now Available!

It’s been a long time coming, but version 0.7.0 of our videos archive is finally ready for public release!

This update sports a new form of organization suggested by Pereki, which we hope is more convenient for users who want to find certain video content more quickly.

We have added many old and rarely seen advertisements to the archive, including new toy spots, film advertisements, game commercials, and more! HD versions of the Phantoka 45-second animation and a Glatorian advertisement have been located and are included in this archive.

In order to cut down on filesize, we took videos that had multiple copies in the archive in different languages and placed all the audio tracks within one video file. This means that a single video could have multiple audio tracks embedded within them. Such files are labeled with an “(MAT)” in the filename. You can alternate between audio tracks using your media player.

We also have begun including files and codecs that may not be natively supported by your choice of media player (MPEG-2, MKV, etc.). Quicktime users are encouraged to install the Perian plugin to play these files, while Windows Media Player users are encouraged to install the K-Lite Codec Package. Alternatively, users can install a new but more encompassing player such as VLC.

You can download the update on our Videos page!

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  1. Toa Pyroccido says:

    Great! Long live BioMediaProject!!!

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