Updates on the MNOLG Kolhii Ball Issue

JMMB has an update on the issue preventing progression in the MNOLG.  From the BMP Forums:

“Some good news on this issue, it appears to no longer be present. I was trying today to find what Flash Player version was causing the issue, and noticed that today I was able to give Onewa the Kolhii ball and continue on. Perhaps it was a temporary problem with Flash Player. If anyone is still encountering the issue, try reloading the game after the point where it fails.”

If you have had trouble in the past, give it another go and let us know if it works!

3 thoughts on “Updates on the MNOLG Kolhii Ball Issue

  1. Jonmarqoi Chato says:

    How long has this bug been around? The only problem that I ever had was that I had too good of a processor and had trouble winning certain mini-games. Glad that comet ball glitch is fixed, though! I know just how frustrating it can be to have one’s progress impeded (*cough* you can’t beat the ‘Defence of Kini-Nui’ mini-game without the chisel, as Takua uses that to escape from the Bohrok *cough*)

    • Vahkiti says:

      Uh.. yes you can. He just uses it anyways, it’s a prerendered cutscene. O_o

      • Jonmarqoi Chato says:

        Hmm… It must’ve just been a glitch that LEGO’s original version had. It is interesting how you can miss the chisel and still finish the game. It should’ve been made so that Takua would have to get the chisel, so that he doesn’t mysteriously winds up with it at the nest.

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