Pictures v0.9.2

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• Integrate Tahu Nuva and Tahnok-Kal Toyspins
• Integrate CrunchBiteNuva’s artwork crawl:Move Leigh Gallagher 2008 Comic Artwork to Creative Professionals
o Creative Capers
o BIONICLE Style Guides
o Blacksheep Productions
o Chris Aguirre
o Christopher Woollett
o Dan Kubat
o David Bird
o Duane Loose
o Enrique Barahona
o GuuPress Blog
o HeavyMetalDesigner
o MonoRed Labs
o Pedro Ruiz Reyes
o Toby Dutkiewicz
o Richard Aidley
• Integrate new Posters
• Integrate new Faber Files artwork
• Integrate Vahkiti’s Bara Magna Saga #2 scan
• Remove MNOLG Wallpaper from main archive
• Remove Mata-Nui Matoran from main archive


  • Integrate The Quest for the Masks Card scans from Screenguy


  • Added full size Faberfiles images
  • Converted wallpaper PNGs to JPEGs

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