New Faber Files Image: Bohrok Nest Wall

Christian Faber of the Faber Files Blog has posted a new image of the Bohrok Nest Wall created from the Bohrok Canisters, check it out!


3 thoughts on “New Faber Files Image: Bohrok Nest Wall

  1. Jonmarqoi Chato says:

    Christian Faber sounds familiar. Did he work on the Bionicle comics? I like how he put the Bohrok slogan and symbol in the lower-right; very nice touch. Reminds me of the Bohrok nest that Takua found after Teridax’s temporary defeat towards the very end of the MNOG1.

    • ldd2000 says:

      Christian Faber is on of the guys who created Bionicle concept art for Greg Farshty

      • Jonmarqoi Chato says:

        Thanks! I still wonder how I heard of him; I don’t really recall any of Bionicle’s concept-artists. Though I wonder why Greg would need concept art, except, perhaps, to know ahead of time that Bionicle characters were biomechanical. (Cyborgs, essentially. I wonder if any of them thought that resistance was futile?) I appreciate how some people are still helping to keep Bionicle alive, especially BMP here. I always have enjoyed the ‘Online Games’ (MNOG, MNOG2, and VNOG). I also appreciate BMP posting fan games; I’ve found that many of those are very fun. Does BZPower still allow members to post links to their fan games? I really enjoyed ‘The Taluka Chronicles’, ‘Piraka Mania’, ‘The Map of Mata Nui’, ‘The Legend of Mata Zuma’, and ‘Metru Nui Online’ (‘MeNOL’ for short), though, the last time that I was on BZP, it looked like they only allowed in-forum, text-based RPGs.

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