New Faber Files Bohrok Images

Christian Faber over at the Faber Files Blog has posted five new images from 2002’s Bohrok Saga, though a few of these are higher resolution versions of images we’ve seen before. ┬áSeeing the Bohrok render with Technic font is kinda interesting though, seeing that 2002 was the first year that BIONICLE dropped its Technic parent branding. ┬áCheck out the new images at our gallery or check out the pictures page for downloads.

One thought on “New Faber Files Bohrok Images

  1. Jonmarqoi Chato says:

    My favourites are the grayscale Tahnok with the Technic typeface and the grayscale island of Mata Nui with the glowing Mangai Volcano. Did he render some these on a computer, or are all of the hand-drawn? If the latter, man, is he good! It’s very comforting to know that some people are still supporting Bionicle, especially BMP! Love the flash games, especially MNOG 1.5 and MNOG 2. VNOG is fun, too. Lego should’ve made more RPGs for Bionicle. I love role-playing! Speaking of the MNOG 1.5, has Nuparu77 updated that yet? I’m anxious to see what he has planned!

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