New Dan Kubat and Duane Loose Concept Art

Dan Kubat and Duane Loose, concept artists for the LoMN and MoL movies respectively, have updated their personal sites with artwork, which we have added to our galleries.  Thanks to CrunchbiteNuva of BZPower for letting us know.  Check them out on the Creative Professionals page.  We have updated our Artwork archive accordingly, our main image archive will be updated with the new images on release of the next version.  If you’ve downloaded either the Artwork or entire Images archive, you can download our crawl directly here if you wish to download the new images separately.

2 thoughts on “New Dan Kubat and Duane Loose Concept Art

  1. Hydraxon1 says:

    Hey, I was wondering whats wrong with the instrumental version of gravity hurts, there’s some weird sounds playing in the backround and it is very noticeable compared to the normal version. Is there any way you can get the version used in the retrospective.

    • TheSkeletonMan939 says:

      Hey Hydraxon,

      I’m the one who made that instrumental version, several years ago. I took the normal version of the song and did some editing in Audacity, and produced the instrumental version you listened to.

      Unfortunately, there’s no good way of removing vocals from a song; often times it doesn’t even work. And when it does, more often than not it produces low-quality results. The “weird sounds” you hear in the track are residue vocals. I once asked Binkmeister (someone who worked heavily on the official BIONICLE web site) whether he had a proper instrumental version of the song, but he unfortunately did not.

      The BMP does have short snippets of a clean-sounding instrumental, but each sound bite is only twenty seconds long; they were provided on in 2008 and were intended to be used as cell-phone ringtones.



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