BMPodcast Episode 1: TTV Afterpodcast

Episode 1

Our first episode of our new podcast! ┬áToday we cover a few things that we’ve been working on and investigating since December, including the long awaited TheThreeVirtues Podcast Chronicler’s Convergence event and our forum RPG. ┬áNo guarantees on any sort of regular schedule with the podcast, we’re more likely to just do one when we have enough material or we feel like it.

Running time: 46:23

Hosts: Mints97, XONAR, Vahkiti, Auron

Episode 1 Rundown:

  • TTV Podcast
  • City of Legends ISO release
  • BIONICLE The Game modding
  • BIONICLE Heroes modding
  • Media Submission update
  • Music Archive updates
  • Video Archive updates
  • Homepage changes
  • Nathan Furst’s BIONICLE Movie Soundtracks
  • Bionicle Heroes Soundtrack updates
  • GBA game redistribution discussion
  • Vahkiti’s Nuva Cube Lamp plans

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