Intro to the Mask Hunt Competition

LEGO has just begun their Bionicle Mask Hunt competition, and uploaded a video explaining the competition to YouTube.

Participate in the new Bionicle Mask Hunt competition and win a golden mask! Find an object that looks like a hidden mask. It can be any object that in some way gives the impression of a face or mask. Take a picture of it and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #BionicleMaskHunt! Find inspiration on the Bionicle Facebook page!
To enter click here:

So go watch the video and submit your pictures to win! We have also archived the video here in our archive.


2 thoughts on “BIONICLE Mask Hunt

  1. Toa Pyroccido says:

    Ah, come on! I don’t have facebook, twitter OR instagram! I already took a few pictures but it was all for nothing. How can I convince my parents to get Facebook???

  2. baldcypress says:

    forget about them and make an account anyways.

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