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Pictures 0.1.3 G2 Release

A fairly large update has been made to the G2 pictures archive containing a bunch of new content from the BIONICLE website, Facebook page, and LEGO Shop @ Home. Until the pictures page is updated to accommodate G2 content, you can download the archive here.


• Added Facebook Master renders

• Added comics from the Characters pages

• Added Protector wallpapers

• Added stylized box art

• Added stylized renders of Toa, Protectors and combiners from the build pages

• Added transparent renders of Protector masks & tools

• Added high resolution box art to transparent renders

• Replaced transparent set renders with high resolution versions from LEGO Shop @ Home


BIONICLE G2 “Masks of Power” Trailer Leaked

A short time ago, it was discovered that the BIONICLE website now contains a videos page that is not linked to on the main site. On it is the below trailer for the upcoming series of animated shorts, as well as a higher quality version of The Legend as seen on the official Facebook page.

JMMB and I were able to snag both videos in case the page is taken down, which can both be downloaded here:

Videos v0.6.0

Apparently it’s been a year almost exactly give or take a few days since the last release! And no, this is no April Fools joke either. :P

• Added Final Countdown and moved Legend of Mata Nui test animations to Internal Concept Videos
• Added Piraka Animations prerender footage compiled by yours truly
• Added new movie trailers contributed by TheSkeletonMan939 from the DVDs
• Added HD Stars animations contributed by TheSkeletonMan939 from the creator’s YouTube channel
• Added and replaced new Hordika, Visorak, and Hagah trailers contributed by TheSkeletonMan939
• Added… random YouTube videos contributed by Auron who didn’t keep a changelog :P
• Updated Mistika movie under Faber Files Videos contributed by Auron
• Moved BMP trailers to BMP Videos

You can find it all on the videos page.

BIONICLE The Game Playthrough Widescreen 480p

Decided to take the quality for this playthrough a little overboard by using our previously released widescreen patches to record in native 16:9 on the Xbox. This, in addition to MNOLG/VNOLG and BIONICLE Heroes will be the first in a full series of BIONICLE Game playthroughs soon to be added to the archives.

As usual, you can find both download and streaming copies on the videos page.

BIONICLE Heroes Playthrough 720p

Finally got around to uploading this with JMMB’s help for streaming. This, in addition to MNOLG/VNOLG and BIONICLE The Game will be the first in a full series of BIONICLE Game playthroughs soon to be added to the archives.

As usual, you can find both download and streaming copies on the videos page.

Streaming Music v2.0.0

This has been a long time coming, and it’s been neglected for quite some time due to the sheer workload. However thanks to a little script I wrote this morning, about 10+ hours of work was condensed to two. As a result, I’m happy to report that streaming music has now been updated, complete with all the new additions to the 2.0.0 music archive! Even promo CD voiceovers and sound effects are now streamable, among many other new additions.

You can find it all on the music page.

BIONICLE The Game Widescreen patches

After some work and research, I have uploaded some methods to patch the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox versions of Bionicle The Game for native 16:9 aspect ratio on widescreen TVs. The PC version is currently unavailable, but hopefully some breakthroughs will come on that eventually.

A note: You will require either a modded Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, PS2 or Codebreaker on the latter to use these patches. Alternatively, the GC and PS2 patches can be replicated through Dolphin and PCSX2 respectively.

You can find the instructions on the games page.