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New Dan Kubat and Duane Loose Concept Art

Dan Kubat and Duane Loose, concept artists for the LoMN and MoL movies respectively, have updated their personal sites with artwork, which we have added to our galleries.  Thanks to CrunchbiteNuva of BZPower for letting us know.  Check them out on the Creative Professionals page.  We have updated our Artwork archive accordingly, our main image archive will be updated with the new images on release of the next version.  If you’ve downloaded either the Artwork or entire Images archive, you can download our crawl directly here if you wish to download the new images separately.

Pictures v0.9.2

Check out the pictures page for downloads.



• Integrate Tahu Nuva and Tahnok-Kal Toyspins
• Integrate CrunchBiteNuva’s artwork crawl:Move Leigh Gallagher 2008 Comic Artwork to Creative Professionals
o Creative Capers
o BIONICLE Style Guides
o Blacksheep Productions
o Chris Aguirre
o Christopher Woollett
o Dan Kubat
o David Bird
o Duane Loose
o Enrique Barahona
o GuuPress Blog
o HeavyMetalDesigner
o MonoRed Labs
o Pedro Ruiz Reyes
o Toby Dutkiewicz
o Richard Aidley
• Integrate new Posters
• Integrate new Faber Files artwork
• Integrate Vahkiti’s Bara Magna Saga #2 scan
• Remove MNOLG Wallpaper from main archive
• Remove Mata-Nui Matoran from main archive


  • Integrate The Quest for the Masks Card scans from Screenguy


  • Added full size Faberfiles images
  • Converted wallpaper PNGs to JPEGs

New Concept Art – UPDATED 2x

CrunchbiteNuva of BZPower has posted a couple new concept art images he’s found.  You can download our first and second crawls, download our updated Artwork archive, or check out the rest of our concept art on the pictures page or jump to the new content on the creative professionals page.  Our image gallery has been updated with content current as of 3/29/14.

We’ve excluded the “Bionicle Mistika 2008 – The Rise of Mata Nui” video from the download as it is a duplicate(though higher resolution at 640×384, as compared to the YouTube version’s 640×352) of the video we previously obtained from the Faber Files Blog.  The higher resolution version will be included in a future version of the video archive.

BMPodcast Episode 2: Jan-Mar 2014 Updates


I thought all of those who purchased a Toa Mata were given one of these.

Episode 2

Some updates for the things we’ve done in early 2014 since our last podcast.

Running time: 2:00:59

Podcast start time: 58:19

Hosts: XONAR, Vahkiti, Auron

Guest: Josefina the Catgirl (QSKSw)

Episode 2 Rundown:

  • MNOLG Online Game CE Project
  • Site page updates
  • Vahkiti’s Playthroughs
  • Streaming Music
  • LMP Pages
  • Swert’s DeviantArt
  • Odd things with LEGO images officially released
  • Faber Files Updates
  • Lego “Press CDs”
  • Bara Magna Comic 2 English Scans
  • Bionicle 2: City of Legends (xbox beta) iso release
  • Legend of Mata Nui
  • BIONICLE Sites Archival Project

Links to referenced material:

[7:58:32 PM] *** Group call ***

[7:58:58 PM] *** Vahkiti added Josefina the Catgirl ***

[8:03:20 PM] *** XONAR sent WTHN – Auron-1.mp3 ***

[8:14:31 PM] XONAR:

[8:30:09 PM] *** Vahkiti sent 2014-02-24 23.15.48.jpg ***

[8:30:21 PM] *** Vahkiti sent 2014-02-13 15.48.31.jpg 2014-02-13 13.18.45.jpg 2014-02-13 15.48.50.jpg ***

[8:39:27 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:41:22 PM] XONAR:

[8:43:38 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:46:23 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:46:51 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:47:18 PM] XONAR:

[8:47:44 PM] Meiko: I disapprove of the fact that you got that image from

[8:47:45 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:48:18 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:52:09 PM] Josefina the Catgirl:

[8:52:14 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:52:58 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:53:50 PM] XONAR:

[8:55:34 PM] XONAR:

[8:55:34 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:56:48 PM] Vahkiti:

[8:56:57 PM] XONAR:

[9:02:50 PM] XONAR:

[9:03:31 PM] XONAR:

[9:03:40 PM] Josefina the Catgirl: Liam:

[9:03:47 PM] XONAR:

[9:04:17 PM] XONAR:

[9:04:26 PM] XONAR:

[9:05:18 PM] Josefina the Catgirl:

[9:05:40 PM] Josefina the Catgirl:

[9:06:39 PM] XONAR:

[9:06:53 PM] XONAR:

[9:07:05 PM] XONAR:

[9:09:49 PM] XONAR:

[9:29:01 PM] XONAR: more prototype bohrok

[9:29:03 PM] XONAR:

[9:29:12 PM] Vahkiti: Meow

[9:29:13 PM] XONAR:

[9:55:49 PM] Vahkiti:

[9:56:40 PM] Vahkiti:

[9:57:12 PM] Vahkiti:

[10:03:28 PM] Vahkiti:

[10:05:41 PM] Vahkiti:

[10:06:17 PM] XONAR:

[10:06:37 PM] XONAR:

[10:06:49 PM] XONAR:

[10:08:26 PM] XONAR: On 3/22/14, at 1:08 AM, XONAR wrote:


This should be the podcast background

[10:08:55 PM] XONAR:

[10:32:06 PM] Josefina the Catgirl:

[10:32:55 PM] XONAR: Yessss I’m surprised that I never wanted to make a Nuva cube in MC

[10:39:01 PM] XONAR:

[11:02:08 PM] Auron:,2681-4.html

New Faber Files Bohrok Images

Christian Faber over at the Faber Files Blog has posted five new images from 2002’s Bohrok Saga, though a few of these are higher resolution versions of images we’ve seen before.  Seeing the Bohrok render with Technic font is kinda interesting though, seeing that 2002 was the first year that BIONICLE dropped its Technic parent branding.  Check out the new images at our gallery or check out the pictures page for downloads.

Updates on the MNOLG Kolhii Ball Issue

JMMB has an update on the issue preventing progression in the MNOLG.  From the BMP Forums:

“Some good news on this issue, it appears to no longer be present. I was trying today to find what Flash Player version was causing the issue, and noticed that today I was able to give Onewa the Kolhii ball and continue on. Perhaps it was a temporary problem with Flash Player. If anyone is still encountering the issue, try reloading the game after the point where it fails.”

If you have had trouble in the past, give it another go and let us know if it works!

BMPodcast Episode 1: TTV Afterpodcast

Episode 1

Our first episode of our new podcast!  Today we cover a few things that we’ve been working on and investigating since December, including the long awaited TheThreeVirtues Podcast Chronicler’s Convergence event and our forum RPG.  No guarantees on any sort of regular schedule with the podcast, we’re more likely to just do one when we have enough material or we feel like it.

Running time: 46:23

Hosts: Mints97, XONAR, Vahkiti, Auron

Episode 1 Rundown:

  • TTV Podcast
  • City of Legends ISO release
  • BIONICLE The Game modding
  • BIONICLE Heroes modding
  • Media Submission update
  • Music Archive updates
  • Video Archive updates
  • Homepage changes
  • Nathan Furst’s BIONICLE Movie Soundtracks
  • Bionicle Heroes Soundtrack updates
  • GBA game redistribution discussion
  • Vahkiti’s Nuva Cube Lamp plans

Links to referenced material: