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BIONICLE 2015 Summer Sets Image (Update)


An photograph of the 2015 BIONICLE summer sets from the Nuremberg Toy Fair has been uploaded by I expect we will see closer images before long. From the description, which translates to “Bionicle goes to the next round”, it sounds like BIONICLE may be on it’s way to winning an award at this toy fair also.


Close up pictures of Ekime and Skull Basher from the display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair have appeared on Instagram. A video with close-up images of the other characters has also been uploaded to YouTube. You can see them all below.

Skull Basher


New BIONICLE 2015 Commercials on YouTube


LEGO has just uploaded some new BIONICLE 2015 commercials to their YouTube channel. They are stop-motion commercials showing off the combiner models you can create with the Toa and their protectors. They are listed on YouTube with non-English titles but the videos are language-independent. Check them out with the links below!


BIONICLE 2015 Summer Sets Confirmed


Brickset has just reported on the LEGO sets at the London Toy Fair, and have confirmed the rumored 2015 Summer BIONICLE sets. The sets are listed below with prices in pounds.

  • 70791 Skull Warrior (£13)
  • 70792 Skull Slicer (£13)
  • 70793 Skull Basher (£13)
  • 70794 Skull Scorpio (£13)
  • 70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder (£25)

While pictures at this event are prohibited, Brickset has provied the following description of the sets they saw.

As you’d expect from the names they are all bad guys. They looked skeletal and ‘dark’. Although they were each a different ‘feature colour’ there wasn’t much of it used. They feature a lot of new panel pieces that are hard to describe but look like torn cloth or something like that. I suspect those on display were prototype parts because they looked to be spray painted a matt dark grey with speckles in it which might not be the final finish. All are the same size as the Toas.

Check out the Brickset article for information on other future LEGO themes and sets.

BIONICLE Episode 4 – The Protectors Fight Back


The 4th installment of the new BIONICLE online animations is now available on LEGO’s website. Here is the official synopsis.

Journeying through Okoto’s most hostile regions, the heroes and Protectors battle onwards to reach the shrines of the golden masks.

Interestingly, it is not yet available on the BIONICLE website, although I expect it will likely be available there soon. As always, they have been added to the archive in both their streaming TS and FLV formats.


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