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Battle for the Mask of Power App

Battle for the Mask of Power App Trailer

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! LEGO has just released a trailer for the new, and free, BIONICLE smartphone app, Battle for the Mask of Power! The trailer is mostly comprised of existing CGI animations, but has been archived none-the-less. The app is currently available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.The trailer promises availability on the Google Play store also, but it does not seem to be available there yet.

Update: The App Store link is now available in the US.

Update 2: Android version now available.

BioMedia Project 5.5

BMP5.5Milestone1128What we did this year:

  • New Youtube and Twitch Channels, Facebook page
  • Made gdoc public with open user collaboration
  • Updated our Comics and Serials pages with proper tiles
  • Released our largest update to the music archive yet, 2.1
  • Created archives for new BIONICLE G2 content
  • Created subforum icons for our LEGO subforums
  • Updated our streaming music gallery with a vast array of new content
  • Added artwork from LEGO’s creative professionals’ personal pages

BMP5.5 Milestone List

BMP5.5 Milestone List

2015 BIONICLE Catalog


It turns out the BIONICLE 2015 poster is actually the back cover of a 2015 BIONICLE catalog that shipped with the new LEGO Club Magazine. There are no digital copies of this catalog yet, but Voriks Forge has uploaded scans of this new catalog. You can also check out all of these pages below. Of notable interest, the Mask of Time is confirmed to be present in this universe.


LEGO Magazine January 2015


LEGO has released the January – February 2015 LEGO Club, LEGO Club Junior, and LEGO Friends magazines online. Included in the LEGO Club magazine, is a two-page interview with Senior Design Manager Cerim Manovi for the BIONICLE 2015 sets, plus some concept art for Kopaka and the Protector of Jungle. Check it out form the links above, or by clicking on the images below!

magazine_jan2015_page10         magazine_jan2015_page11

There are also reports that the physical copy includes a BIONICLE poster, as seen here. This poster is not included in the digital copies of the magazine. If you have a copy you can scan, please contact us! We would love to have a high-quality digital copy!

BMPRPG Experimental Game

The RPG has been on hold now for a very long time, so the leaders have created some new rules and are testing them out on the forums.  We also need some people who will act as guinea pigs and play the game so we can figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Plus, it’s just in time to be a Christmas present to everyone.

Check out the game here:

Merry Christmas everyone!

CGI Trailer with Character Animations


A 30 second CGI trailer of what looks like a BIONICLE TV commercial without narration has been making the rounds on the internet. It’s not yet clear what the origins of this video are, but what appears to be the original upload also features the character animations without narration. The quality is much lower than the character animations on the LEGO website, but it is unique and has been added to the archive.

With any luck, a higher quality version of these videos will appear in the coming weeks!

Know something about this video that we don’t? Drop us a line in the comments, or on the contact page!

3 New Episodes and 6 Character Animations Released


Today LEGO has released not one, not two, but three new 1:30 animated episodes on the BIONICLE website! But wait, there’s more! They also release six 0:30 character animations for the Toa, absolutely free!

All joking aside, these episodes offer some tantalizing clues into the future of BIONICLE 2015, such as the ever-present Vahi and a closer look at the Temple of Time.

All 3 episodes and all 6 character animations have also been archived by the BMP team.