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Pictures Archive 0.1.0 G2

Pictures Archive 0.1.1 G2

EDIT: v0.1.1 released.

Vahkiti’s assembled together the new (useful)images we’ve seen so far from the BIONICLE unveiling and put them into a new image archive, for the second generation of BIONICLE.  We haven’t seen a lot, but we have a few images for our artwork folder as well as some new high-res wallpapers from the new site.  This is the first of a new series of archives covering BIONICLE – we’ll be creating others for the other categories of media as we see them.  You can also browse the archive’s contents here.


Comic Con Slides


LEGO has just uploaded the slides from the Comic Con presentation to their Facebook. There’s some great concept art and visuals, so check them out on their Facebook or from the links below!

Note that there do seem to be some differences between these slides and the slides shown at Comic Con. The “Temple of Time” slide is not present, but some unique ones are.

BIONICLE 2015 Updates


Unfortunately, due to events beyond our control, our live-stream fell-through, but there’s still plenty to announce! The LEGO BIONICLE Website has just been updated with product images, wallpapers, and more!


LEGO has also posted a new image to Facebook (above).


LEGO is also holding a giveaway for the Comic Con Exclusive Tahu Mask on their Twitter page.

The Three Virtues has also captured the video above from the LEGO Comic Con reveal.