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Mask of Creation Concept Art

LEGO has just revealed Mask of Creation concept art on their Facebook and Google+ pages.

Get a unique sneak peek of the “epic quest” into the process of the Mask of Creation!
The process evolves from concept art, to 3D, to prototype, until we “unite” them all to reveal the real thing!
This is just the short story how Bionicle has risen again! Stay tuned for more #BIONICLE2015

1 Concept Art 1

2 Concept Art 2

3 Concept Art 3

4 3D Concept 3

5 3D Concept 2

6 3D Concept 1

7 3D Concept Final

8 3D_screenshot

9 Mask of creation1



The quality of most of these images is amazing! Meta data reveals that most of these images date back to April of this year. All images are available to download here.


Stay tuned for more updates!




New Media – BIONICLE 2015!


LEGO has announced the return of BIONICLE through social media! They have teased use with a short description and animation of the Mask of Creation.

It is told that there exists a mask that will grant its bearer unspeakable power. Made from raw magic and solid gold, it is an artifact crafted with absolute precision and timeless skill – it is known as the Mask of Creation.

Welcome to the World of LEGO® BIONICLE®

We are ready to take you on an epic quest to find the Masks of Power. It will be a journey you will never forget. Stay tuned #BIONICLE2015

The anticipation is over – get ready for #BIONICLE2015

LEGO has also revealed the new BIONICLE logo through BZP.


Check out LEGO’s Twitter and Google+ posts to see the announcement, or watch the teaser in 1080 HD here on BMP.


Stay tuned for the probable BIONICLE 2015 set reveal at the New York Comic Con event, which our own XONAR will be attending, and stay tuned to the BMP, as we move into a new year of BIONICLE media!